About Us

DC Engineering is a team of dynamic engineers and designers rich in experience and professionalism. We are composed of electrical, mechanical, structural, control, and chemical engineers and designers, dedicated to sustainable engineering design, project management, planning, and evaluation. In addition to these professional services, we provide project management and administration in each of these disciplines. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive team to meet the needs of our client and help make their project successful.

The DC Engineering team is experienced in design and construction efficiency, as well as, identifying trouble spots in the phases of a project and implementing applicable, appropriate solutions. Many of our engineers are PE and LEED AP certified, in several or all fifty states, and use green building design for many of our projects. We believe in creating sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions for our clients and communities.

We believe that listening to our clients’ needs and coupling their expectations and end-goals with our own expertise and experiences will result in a successful project.  Our growth stems from our ability to respond to our customer’s current and future needs.  We do more than provide engineering and design; we become a partner in the success of our clients.