Shaw’s Star Market, Chestnut Hill, MA

The highly anticipated, revamped Star Market in Chestnut Hill, MA served as a test bed for ground-breaking, environmentally friendly technologies. The green technology store is powered with an energy-saving fuel cell that runs on natural gas and uses an innovative refrigeration system that reduces carbon emissions. The lighting was designed to utilize light-emitting diodes (LED) lighting, that last about 10 years. The renovations reduced the store’s carbon footprint by about 5 million pounds (the equivalent of taking 539 cars off the road, per year) and sets a new standard for sustainable supermarkets across the nation.

Star Market received recognition for its use of innovative, green technology and has been awarded LEED gold and silver certification as well as the EPA’s GreenChill Partnership Platinum award.

DC Engineering provided the electrical design for this store, including the LED lighting system. Because of this project’s success, we’ve been able to implement similar electrical design strategies to help other SuperValu grocery stores implement environmentally friendly, energy saving practices.

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