DC Engineering has worked with the WinCo team to create and maintain their design standards for their electrical, mechanical, and refrigeration systems. The emphasis has been on systems that are cost effective, easy to maintain, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly. The refrigeration system includes redundancy features to help protect against product loss. The HVAC systems incorporate VFDs, CO2 sensors for demand ventilation, and VAV boxes in the office and personnel areas for comfort. Skylights with daylight harvesting are used throughout the building to further enhance efficiency.

In addition to the design standards, DC Engineering has been responsible for creating the construction documents for numerous new stores and major remodels in California, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and Washington. This has helped WinCo nearly double their number of stores in the last five years.

DC Engineering also provides on-site commissioning to ensure that the mechanical and controls systems meet the design intent, are installed correctly, and are operating at peak efficiency.

For the past year we have been working with WinCo and Nearlo to develop a custom Refrigerant Tracking System, which we are hoping will be in “production” beginning of February. As part of this, we have helped WinCo create their Refrigerant Compliance Plan (RCP).

Additionally, we provide a Maintenance Lead who contributes additional support, guidance and oversight to all of WinCo’s servicing contractors.