David Cutbirth, P.E., LEED AP

David Cutbirth is the founder and President of DC Engineering in Boise, ID. Since DC Engineering’s inception, he has helped define/refine and implement the vision of contributing the success of their clients. He has led the company from a sole proprietorship to a corporation of nearly 90 personnel with offices in 6 states.

DC Engineering has grown to now provide consulting engineering in the disciplines of mechanical, electrical, structural, refrigeration, controls, and chemical while helping both identify and solve business solutions in creative ways. In addition, he helps provide leadership and guide technology solutions from an IT perspective through NearLo Technologies.

David is actively involved in defining sustainable design practices that take into consideration the political, ecological, social, technological, and individual’s perspective that are also cost-conscious. His leadership experience in multiple organizations–seeking first to understand and then be understood by utilization of heart, head, and hands–has helped him lead strategic planning efforts from start-ups to growing companies with offices in multiple geographic areas and cultures.

He has a passion for life-long learning and passing on experiences to others in order to help not just identify short term solutions, but long term success of clients (both internal and external) to an organization.