DC Engineering’s experience in commissioning goes beyond the standard. We tailor the commissioning process for each client based on their needs. Our experienced engineers, designers, and commissioning agents evaluate the building HVAC & lighting system design and then establishes the commissioning process, schedule, and forms ensure that each system is operating at the most efficient level and within design intent. 

You want your building’s environment to work for you, providing a clean work or living space that meets the needs of the building’s intended purpose without breaking the bank. That’s why we feel that commissioning is so important. We provide thorough analyses of the building’s systems (HVAC, electrical, plumbing, etc.) and determine design needs that will not only create the needed environment but also meet the needs of the owner or client.

Commissioning and retro-commissioning your building is crucial in creating environmentally friendly, sustainable, green environments. Many of the projects we’ve worked on have achieved LEED ratings through environmentally friendly designs.

LEED certified buildings represent designs that save money, conserve energy, reduce consumption of non-renewable resources, improve air quality, and use better building materials. By analyzing your building’s systems and determining cost-effective and energy-efficient designs, we are helping to discover new ways to leave a smaller footprint on the environment.

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