Energy Services Group

DC Engineering offers integrated services that complement our control, electrical, mechanical, and structural engineering disciplines. Our integrated services group works with you, our valued client, on the details of your project. We provide:

LEED services:

  • We work with our clients to incorporate LEED design standards into the design process and represent the owner in the LEED process before the project even begins.
  • We perform energy modelling and commissioning services to ensure your building’s mechanical systems are designed to your needs and are performing at optimal levels within those design parameters.
  • We provide Measurement & Verification (M&V) planning and implementation energy modelling services to track your building’s performance.

Utility Incentives & Rebates:

  • We provide incentive and rebate services to our clients to assist in getting the most return for the products and services they use in their projects. We propose utility programs and process incentive applications, managing and filing the necessary documents for the client to receive the rebates available.
  • We provide Tariff Review and Rate Analysis to ensure the building’s energy use falls into the acceptable tariffed range and file the appropriate documents to update to the rate codes if the energy billing is incorrect.
  • We provide energy procurement services for clients who are building in deregulated energy locations.

Energy Retrofits:

  • We compare products and designs with our clients to ensure these elements are appropriate and of great value to our clients’ needs.
  • We perform surveys to identify Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM’s) and provide consultation services for retrofitting designs to increase your building’s energy efficiency.
  • We provide commissioning for the start-up of retrofits and search for utility incentives for reducing the overall operation costs to the client.

Research & Development:

We are continually researching new technologies to benefit our clients and the environment.