DC Engineering has an experienced engineering staff dedicated to large industrial projects within markets including electronics manufacturing, semiconductor, agricultural, alternative fuels, power generation and waste water treatment. Recent projects include the installation of two 6 MW electrode steam boilers at a government facility, a 10,000 sq. ft. cleanroom for photovoltaics production, a 3.2 MW dairy biogas generator system, Iso Class 3 & 4 cleanroom design with automated material conveyance systems, bulk wax processing plants, and a 12MW natural gas electric generator plant.

One of our core industrial focuses is in the high tech and electronics manufacturing. We understand the clients need for precision environmental controls, reliability, redundancy, and future expandability, all while concentrating on energy efficiency, utilizing the most recent advancements in equipment and building systems. For the last 10 years, we have maintained an engineering general services agreement with a large semiconductor manufacturer in which they rely on DC Engineering to assist their mechanical, electrical, chemical, and controls facilities engineering staff. Projects routinely include cleanroom remodels, tool installations, capacity planning, pollutions abatement and environmental code compliance.