Vision & Values


We are committed to contributing to the success of our clients by defining, refining, and implementing solutions.

Our vision is the foundation upon which Dave Cutbirth built DC Engineering and defines how we work. At DC Engineering, we succeed when our clients’ projects are successful. We contribute to that success by bringing to the table innovative ideas, extensive multi-disciplinary knowledge, and a wealth of experience from all aspects of project engineering, design, and administration.



At DC Engineering, we stand behind our work and continually strive to be the provider of choice for our clients. We incorporate four essential values in every project we are a part of: 

Integrity — We believe that honest communication and follow through are essential to the success of every project.

Focus — Our attention is on quality engineering and sound business practices.

Leadership — Leadership doesn’t reside in position – it resides in action that produces results through teamwork.  We foster a culture of leading by example and strive to work in teams.

Service — Our relationships with our clients are paramount to our business. That’s why we take the time to understand our clients’ needs and apply our expertise to engineering and designing for their projects.