Supporting the Success of Large Retailers

DC Engineering provides consulting, design, and commissioning services for some of the largest retailers in the country. Our responsiveness and ability to consistently execute on projects over time has led to DC being awarded larger projects in increasingly diverse areas from these organizations.

Working with retailers of this magnitude involves executing on high volumes of work with quick turnarounds, while consistently meeting deadlines and following detailed criteria sets. DC personnel have streamlined and customized internal project administration and design efforts in order to meet short project schedules and requirements. These team members are also continuously learning and improving in order to provide better, more valuable services.


DC Engineering has proven its value to these clients in many ways:

  • Functional Performance Testing on Refrigeration Systems: DC’s team of commissioning agents and refrigeration technicians have provided functional performance tests on refrigeration systems for new and remodeled stores. We have an in-depth understanding of the client’s guidelines and design references, which enables us to quickly evaluate systems to ensure compliance with the design intent. Functional Performance tests ensure that newly installed refrigeration systems meet the design and installation requirements, and are performing as intended per client specifications.
  • Leveraging Technology for Effective Communication: DC Engineering’s networking expertise and use of the latest tools and technology (i.e., leveraging our WAN capabilities, Blue Beam, file share automation programming, etc.) enables us to enhance understanding and communication with the client’s personnel both state-side, as well as with overseas facilities teams.
  • Commitment to IT Security: DC Engineering shares our clients’ vigilance and expertise in protecting against cyberattacks and security breaches, and has measures in place to meet their requirements. We do so while maintaining efficient approach to project collaboration utilizing the tools referenced above.
  • Capital Expenditure Projects: With the combination of engineering services, operational expertise, and code/regulatory understanding, our clients are now utilizing DC Engineering for end of life equipment replacement capital expenditure projects. These initiatives range from smaller, one-off case replacements, to large scale complex retrofits. The programs involve services from permitting and compliance stipulations, to multi-disciplinary engineering consulting and design. We are able to assist our client’s project managers with engineering support from permitting through construction closeout.
  • Energy Efficiency Projects: Most of our large retail clients have aggressive corporate energy efficiency goals. Members of DC’s team have extensive expertise in energy efficiency for retail grocery systems, and we regularly partner with our clients on initiatives to provide design work for energy optimization in both remodels and stand-alone projects. We leverage our multi-disciplinary approach to provide insight to some of the more challenging design solutions, which include interaction between refrigeration, electrical, and mechanical systems.
  • Embracing Continuous Innovation: In their quest to maintain or gain a competitive edge, many of these clients are constantly looking for innovative products and services for store build-out or remodeling efforts. In some instances, this means revising plans, designs, or even construction efforts mid-stream in order to adopt a recently released technology, such as a new energy efficient lighting package that would also enhance a store’s design aesthetics. DC’s competence, tools, and our commitment to our client’s success enables us to quickly adapt to changing project dynamics.